Board of Directors


Guy J. DuBeau

founder & Co-President

Guy has been a practicing attorney for 28 years.  In that time, he has been heavily involved in healthcare policy analysis and advocacy using his expertise to advocate positions before appellate courts, to legislative committees and in direct negotiations with sitting governors and their staff.  In connection with those efforts he developed an interest in medical and adult use applications of CBD and marijuana and has been studying and practicing in this area. He is currently representing interests aligned with the legal hemp industry and those supporting legal marijuana businesses in other states. He has advocated on behalf of numerous trade associations and is enjoying the efforts in forming and helping to manage CIAWi.


Kate L. Johnson

founder & Co-President

Kate is a Madison attorney with 10 years of experience in highly regulated industries, including insurance and healthcare. She co-founded CIAWi to be a voice for the cannabis industry, and to create a healthy regulatory framework that allows Wisconsin and its citizens to prosper. Kate has both formal education and informal training on all facets of the cannabis industry, along with a nationwide network of industry contacts. Using this expertise, Kate has helped develop CIAWi's policy recommendations, and is excited to work with Wisconsin's legislators on crafting policy that works.


Robert C. Procter

founder & Treasurer

Robert Procter is a Madison based attorney with 19 years’ experience.  Robert has significant experience representing regulated businesses in front of Wisconsin administrative agencies.  In addition, Robert is an owner of a craft beer distributorship, and is very experienced in regulations relating to the alcohol industry. Robert recognizes that the legalization of cannabis is not an “if” but a “when”, and founded CIAWi to represent the unique needs of the emerging cannabis industry in Wisconsin.